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museum regiunal surselva


Would you like to know more about how people in the Surselva lived in the past? What their work was, their housing and clothing?
A visit to the 'Casa Carniec' is a journey into the past, back to the 16th century. The treasures displayed here will amaze you

Casa Carniec
Casa CarniecThe building itself is well worth seeing. The ancient patrician's house was the oldest residence of the gentry family Schmid of Gruneck. The vaults in the basement and ground floor date from the high Middle Ages. The festival hall is decorated with Renaissance murals. In 1980 the Casa Carniec was purchased by a foundation. The house was restored and in 1988 the Museum was established. The exhibition consists of 40 sections and topics. The catchment area is the valleys of the Surselva region which are composed of multiple and diverse linguistic communities: Romansch, German speakers and the colonies of the Walser, Vals, Obersaxen, Valendas and the Safien Valley. In the museum, objects from most of the villages -there are more than 60- can be found.

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